Wooden framed house – Safety

Safety in the Construction of Wooden Frame Houses – Safe Work, Safe House

Often clients have questions, why do building works at the objects are going on this or that way, why do there are special requirements for work performers and technique and equipment, why do there are special procedures or “paper works”, why isn’t it possible to slip off a friend for the lower payment, who tells, that  is a fine specialist in the building field. In short, why does the process of building easy summer houses become so hard? For all these questions there is only one answer – to provide security for all – both clients and builders.

The advantages of the wood in the process of building of the house

Wood is a traditional and modern building material with a huge use in the building (wooden houses), carpentry, interior etc. When wooden houses are built right or wooden carcas panel houses are durable, they are more durable than traditional brick or concrete houses, which after year decades start to lose their characteristics. Wooden houses give healthy air quality, healthier sleep.

Advantages of the wooden house:

  • Long-lasting;
  • Economy;
  • Security;

Nowadays without a permission, it is impossible to build any building

Nowadays people build different houses. Sometimes planned object is so easy and made with hands, that an owner cannot even imagine about the project (private house project) or the beautothe necessity. That’s why, especially because of the necessity of the of your own security, you have to go to the building board to permit necessary documents.

“It means, that nowadays it is impossible to build any building without a permit” – says the head of the Riga City Construction Board’s Independent Construction Evaluation Division – Monta Ābele-Sedlina.

In Latvia, at the moment the electronic harmonization of construction intentions has been implemented. Read more at Building Democracy.

In accordance with the normative acts without permission it is possible to do cosmetic repair (wooden house) – a painting of walls or wallpaper replacement, new bath or sink installation, but not without prejudice to load bearing or bearing (wood) construction, engineering communication, and also without exceeding permissible level of the sound. In this case, neither a construction project nor a construction permit, nor a simplified renewal certificate card is required. Unfortunately, in the field of the building, the owner does not have any huge freedom before starting to build something (wooden house) or rebuilt, the most appropriate step about the future action is to ask everything in a local construction board.

Work security in the building field

In the building field, there is a new object (private house) building, exciting object repair and reconstruction, mounting of the prefabricated house elements on the building site, and also the building of the temporary buildings. One of the more common types of construction is the general (private house) construction. Full cycle buildings (for example, living buildings) and civil engineering (for example, highways, streets, bridges, tunnel, construction of railways, airfields, ports and other hydroelectric structures, irrigation systems, sewage systems, industrial complex structures, pipelines and power lines, sports structures) building. Requirements of the work safety (of the individual houses) field is regulated Cabinet of Ministers February 25, 2003 Regulations Nr. 92 “Labor protection requirements in the course of construction work”, the Labor Protection Law and other normative acts in labor protection.

When looking directly at the safety and health conditions of employees, the risk factors in construction objects can have a significant impact on the health of employees. Most often, this can happen in the event of an accident, resulting in various injuries.

Of course, it should be taken into an account, that disregard of the work safety can occur economical losses (an equipment can be caused, building materials etc.), and also can suffer “third persons” – employers of other employers, pedestrians and riders or the other people, who are near the object. The pollution of the environment can happen (for example, chemical substances – color, solvents etc. – leak).

The most important risk factors in the building

Building field by its structure covers different works, for carrying out which are used very different technologies and equipment – from the preparing of the building site, installation of the communications, concreting, masonry, roof inner and outer interior works to different others, bigger or smaller specific works.

An important work environment risk factor groups in the building are these:

  • mechanic and traumatic risk factors (work in high, work with an equipment, stumbling and falling, collisions with heavy equipment, electric traction, etc.);
  • physical factors (not appropriate microclimate and adverse weather conditions, lightning, vibration, sound, ultraviolet radiation, and infrared radiation, for example, welders etc.);
  • chemical substances, which can be caused in the process of the building in the case using of harmful materials (concrete dust, lacquer, solvents, velder aerosol, hydro isolation and term isolation materials) and in the influence of which there are subjected concreting, lacquers, velders and makers of the interior;
  • dust (abrasive material dust by making slipping works, concrete dust, azbest fibers by making works of demounting, using glass and stone wool);
  • ergonomical factors ((heavy, especially non-standard objects, moving building materials, forced postures, uniform movements at a fast pace, such as grinding, etc.);
  • psychosocial factors (long working hours, extra hours, stressed terms, too high workload, long hours till objects etc.);
  • biological factors (hepatitis A, for example, plumbers, who have possible contact with canalization water, tick-borne encephalitis, and Lyme disease if the work is done in a green area (for example, during construction site preparation), u. etc.

In the building (especially in the private house building) there are possible different risk factors. Very often many of the work environment factors are acting at the same time, thereby they can step up the influence of each other. For example, at the same time happens vibration of all of the body, when working with a heavy equipment, also draft, and work in cold rooms work on scaffolds and adverse weather conditions (heavy wind, gust, rain, snow, etc.). It should be noted that these factors change very rapidly and depend on the work to be done, the size of the object and its complexity.

Undeniably, there are such factors in the work environment that can not be avoided so easily.