Comparison of the Wooden Carcass House and Modular House


Different abilities of the house design //

Despite the fact, that it looks like modular houses and timber houses is one and the same thing, these buildings have several differences. Of course, both type houses are built from the wood, qualitative timber, and similar materials. Also, it is impossible to differ ready timber house from the ready modular house. Modular houses and timber carcass houses become popular because of their house energy efficiency, design abilities and the process of the building is fast. Despite the fact, that there is an opinion, that modular houses are ugly, similar, empty boxes, at the end of the building process it is impossible to differ a ready modular house from the ready carcass house. What is the main difference between these two types of houses?

First of all, the difference is in the construction. Modular houses are made from the several modular, which are produced in the factory in a strictly controlled environment and transported on the construction site. Each modular size is limited because of the transportation requirements. Also, transportation requirements have to be considered because of the conditions during transportation. Sometimes in case of unforeseen circumstances, there can be damages caused during the transportation. In the case of the timber carcass house, it is also important to check all the materials during the building process to do not damage them or in case of weather conditions. Every client, especially in Latvia, have a tendency to build a house, which will be comfortable for him and will characterize his personality. In this case, timber carcass houses are more applicable. Less individual possibilities are in producing of the modular houses due to production peculiarities, but it is possible to make some changes in case of design and construction.

A modern villa – an example of the modular house in Germany. The house is characterized by permeability, ease, which deny a myth about the modular house as a boring box. //Photo: Huf Hous

In case of costs, a value of the modular house is lower than a timber carcass house, so experts mention, that later it is harder to sell the modular house. The reason is, that lenders consider a modular house as a mobile house, but timber carcass houses are full of value, stable houses. Also, the value of the mobile house lowers during the time. To understand the differences, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the modular house.


The main advantages of the modular house

Building time: at the same time of building a house in a factory, there are layer cover works, which reduce the building time. In the timber carcass house, it is impossible to do these things at the same time.

Quality control: in a factory, there is a quality control in each step of the mounting, that’s why the construction is stable, qualitative and unite. Steel elements for transport stability in the design of the module ensure the stability of the building after the installation of all modules in a healthy building.

Long-lasting: during the modular house building the attention is paid at the very foundations to the usage of long-lasting materials, solar panel usage and water second recycle. Of course, it is possible to use these technologies for the timber carcass house too.

Costs: modular house costs are lower than timber carcass house.

The modular house is a solution for the nowadays private house building, it is the smarter, more effective and nature-friendly type of the building of the house. Engineering discovers and abilities first find the way to modular houses to make them more qualitative, applicable to a different ratio.

A project of Philippe Starck “P.A.T.H.” //Philippe Starck// Photo: Yahoo


  1. Myth: Factory processing means poor quality. Low costs of a modular factory processing in many cases are perceived as poorer quality construction. Despite the fact that building normative for any building is similar to get similar results. Also modular construction is projected similarly to the timber construction to resemble or even exceed the requirements of a timber frame house. As a result, in a factory, there are processing modules, which fully meets the building requirements. The low cost is due to the scarcity of small materials and the controlled production process.
  2. Standard, boring design. The most popular opinion about modular houses is that modular houses are similar to boxes. But in the reality modules let to build houses like from the pads with wider opportunities and variations, how to place these pads. Also, the fact is the outer facade of the house do not have any restrictions.
  3. Myth: more vulnerable to wind and fire in comparison to a timber frame house. The reality is that, during the building a modular house, all the same requirements are in use, as for the timber frame house: durability, fire safety, protection to the weather conditions.
  4. Myth: short term, not durable, not qualitative building. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, in a reality, there are all the same materials for the building of the modular house in use, as for the timber frame house. Also, when adjusting the modular for the transporting, even more, durable materials are extra used. Before the house is sold, it goes through several checks and certificates. Some companies even offer luxury modular houses (with precious wood floors, whirlpool baths, stone, marble fireplaces, and individual dressing rooms).
  5. Myth: only people with a low income choose modular houses. The myth is wrong in case of an opportunity to choose luxury modular houses, which cost more than a hundred thousand.