Positive energy houses

Positive energy home Cannon Beach, Oregon, ASV // Photo: inhabitat.com


Looking at different types of private house construction, there are mentioned also those kind of types of houses, such as positive energy homes (eng. positive energy homes), which at the first look deceitful about the connection with energetics, mystics, smell and color use in the interior for getting a fragrant feeling, but nowadays it is a very trendy building and improvement of houses. Positive energy homes let people live more economical, healthy, saving comfort feeling at the same time.

Positive energetics homes are buildings with a null energy (building with null net energy amount), which are so effective, that in the exploitation get more energy than its spent staying on livers extra energy amount for the other types of consumption, for example, charging your mobile device, electrical appliances or even your own electric machine. It is a kind of future house, which slowly comes into Europe.

Traditional buildings consume 40% of the total amount of fossil fuels. In the United States and in the European Union, they mean significant greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why null energy buildings is an effective tool for reducing used fossil fuel amount. Fossil energy reserves are limited, they gradually disappear. It is, therefore, necessary to use the available resources very carefully. In addition to technological developments, fossil energy reserves can only be obtained in economic terms and taking into account their use and energy consumption, oil and natural gas reserves will only be enough for 45-65 years.

According to the European Union, households account for one-fifth of the European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the world is using very high energy efficiency measures to reduce as much as possible energy demand through energy sources and advanced energy management systems that generate clean, carbon-free energy as it approaches green energy.

How do arise positive energetics homes?

When planning a creation of the new house, the first step is to maximize home energy efficiency already at the design stage. The new house may be enough effective for making electricity bills as possible low and even help to earn money in this process. Nowadays these energy efficient buildings start to appear more and more by getting more energy as they use. It is made to fully use all the natural advantages*.

  • By using solar heat,
  • By saving yourself from the overheating,
  • By saving the heat,
  • By reducing energy spending needs,
  • By choosing renewable energy resources,
  • By choosing equipment, which fits the positive home system.

* These rules are suitable for living buildings; in case of the office buildings, they will be much more strict.

In the null energy homes, there are no energy bills, except a not huge monthly connection fee, that’s why from the first day the exploitation of the house such like this costs less than a similar standard house. It is a successfully invested money, which each month comes back to the pocket of the consumer, not goes to a utility company.

B10 Aktivhouse //Photo: inhabitat.com

In the positive energy homes, there are energy efficient fresh air ventilation systems, that’s why, despite the fact, that houses are built to be maximum hermetic, there is provided a fresh, clean air in the rooms. These improved ventilation systems provide preheated or pre-cooled fresh air, in which there is no outer pollution and allergen by saving the health of the livers. Hermetic walls provide also an extra plus – a great sound isolation in the null energy houses by providing calm and silence. Cleanness, living in the null energy houses let to abandon pollution of fossil fuels because heat from sunroof panels is used.

For saving energy and at the same time providing a level of comfort, in the houses of the null energy, there are used energy-saving LED lights and higher energy efficiency class Household Appliances.

Britain’s first “positive energy” house in Wales

The property was developed by a team led by Cardiff University, combining technology that both reduces energy demand and generates and stores the remainder of renewable energy. The house has roofed roofed solar panels and a battery storage system for the energy stored and used later. With the sun, this three-room house is the first in Great Britain, where it produces and sells more energy than it uses.

Solcer House, Vales, Great Britain// Photo: inhabitat.com

It is not a huge, three bedroom house, which was built only in 16 weeks. House building in Bringin, Vales cost 125 000 euro, as admitted Cardiff University Designers. Rentals are covered by using solar energy and its stacking. By using batteries to save produced electricity, Compared to every 100 pounds spent, 175 are returned to the grid. The house is provided with such kind of solar insulation layer to fully provide its hermetic and reducing energy consumption in winter months. Trying to popularize such kind of houses the main advantage is its low or null level carbon emissions.

Positive energy homes as a future business

European Union finances the project, which develops positive energy settlements in various European Union countries – Cyprus, France, Italy, and the UK, gaining experience in different European climatic conditions, reducing the energy used by the European Union by 30%. This research helps European Union to achieve the goal until the 2030 year. By using solar battery equipment both on the roofs and in the room with heat pumps, houses are heated, while saving energy.