Timber frame houses

The project “LIV 5” // Roominess: 185,41 m2 // Visualisation: northouse.lv


Which technologies and building materials are the most suitable for the wooden frame house building

Wooden house – which building materials are the most suitable?

The definition of the wooden frame house has to be perceived directly, because this house really consists of a inner frame, which is clutched with inner and outer mount materials. DSP, OSB and veneer are used for inner and outer clutching materials. Walls of the private house construction are filled with a thermal insulation material – it can be glass wool, ecowool, mineral wool, polystyrene foam. The main load of the wooden carcass house is on the frame. If we talk about the technology of carcass houses, then it is notable to mention, that there are wooden carcass houses and metal carcass houses.

Wooden carcass houses have different names – prefabricated houses, modular houses or panel houses, but all of these are constructed in accordance to carcass or, so called, frame technology and they are durable against different kinds of deformation and serves for a long time. The outer decoration of the wooden carcass house with sheet materials helps to achieve the building design and all the parameters needed.

Wooden carcass houses – how to classify technologies?

The technology of the wooden carcass house construction is classified into two ways, depending on the roominess of the building.

Carcass panel technology on the spot. This way wooden carcass house construction basis is – on the spot hand-made installation with the machining and thermal insulation. By it means, that, building a house using the technology like this, it is necessary to buy each material separately and set all them up. This technology is relatively cheaper in case of materials, but in case of the invested work it can require more costs.

On the other hand, the second type is wooden carcass panel technology (so called prefabricated house,

Building of the wooden carcass. // Foto: northouse.lv

modular house, panel house) with already included processing materials. In accordance to carcass house construction, the need size panels are made industrially, they already include thermal insulation. Ready materials are delivering on the spot, where, using a special equipment, the house has been mounting. This technology is more popular, because it greatly shortens the mounting time. Ready panels provides quality and fully corresponds all the standards. In many cases, costs, which are relatively bigger, are reasonable – the quality of the material  provides longer serving time and saves heating costs of the carcass house. Choosing one or another technology, costs will be approximately similar. But in the first case you have to pay for each work separately – for interior work, insulation and for the decoration. Choosing individual, comfortable and durable house building. You have to take into an account some key factors. The best variation could be low costs and the house will serve for a long time. That’s why, choosing the project and the material, it is preferable to pay an attention for advantages and limitations of building technologies.

Wooden carcass house – which are the advantages?

Carcass technology is considered as the most economical private house type in building. Small weight of the construction lets decrease costs for the foundation, in turn, the fast way of building the house lets put into exploitation the building in some months. Wooden carcass constructions give a huge energy consumed saving. By the way, in winter the house quickly becomes warm, and the low thermal conductivity lets reduce the thick of the wall to 15 cm. Wooden houses have a high thermal insulation, they are durable to the deformation. Walls are flat, they let to carry out the inner works right away the mounting of the construction. The surface of the cladding material can be used without further processing, which greatly reduces the cost of interior and exterior finishing. The inner side of the building carcass is is covered with plasterboards, which also reduces costs. Despite all the advantages and long lasting of the building, carcass technology has limitations also. This is the reason, why, before starting to project and build the carcass house, it should be fully clear, that this technology suits the client’s dreams and wishes, needs and abilities.

Living wooden carcass house “Tori III” // Roominess: 93,32 m2 // More info: northouse.lv

What kind of flaws does carcass houses have?

For building the wooden carcass house it is necessary to hire highly qualified specialists, who will follow the technology and use professional working equipment. Usually wooden carcass frame construction is used for private houses with maximum three floors and 20 m length. Wooden carcass requires extra impregnation and machining with antiseptics, and fire protection. If the carcass building is chosen, then it is necessary to choose the material for the carcass proceeding – wooden or metal.



Wooden house – metal carcass

Despite that in Europe private houses mostly are building from the wood, it is worthy to consider an ability to form a metal carcass. It has huge advantages. For the metal foundation there is used the thermoprofile with a high fire protection, it does not endanger corrosion and fungi, this base significantly reduces the weight of the structure and serves more than 100 years. It has to be taken into an account, that non applicable technology building mounting significantly reduces the time of the serving of the house, in turn, poor quality of connection flat reduces building thermal insulation. That’s why it is preferable to use services of professionals, never mind, does it is wooden or metal carcass.

Wooden carcass private house – technologically properly formed foundation will be a guarantee of a long lasting. As it is known, the foundation-carcass of the building is one of the most important constructions, it influences the time of serving of the house. The construction technology of wooden carcass and metal carcass houses provides the use of three types of foundation construction – ribbon, piles or slabs. Choosing the foundations should focus on two key factors:

  • The weight of the structure.
  • The structure of the soil.

The ideal solution for clay and wet soil is the base of the slab type. It helps to evenly share the load in comparison to pile or ribbon foundation. For making this foundation it is necessary to put off the upper layer of the soil, so it lowers the risk of the compression. After that there is processing a sand pillow and put on the slab. The other type of the soil can let to use ribbon or colonial foundation, which can share and withstand the load of the house and ensure the durability of the building. Before choosing the type of the foundation it is very important to count properly the weight of the structure and then, according to that, choose the right type of the foundation.

Wooden private house – what kind of the roof cover to choose?

For the wooden carcass houses usually are used the same roof covers, as for brick and wood houses. Depending on the roof structure, the roof can be a mansard, as well as built as a shelf or multi-layered cloak. Two leveled and mansard roofs are specially popular among living private houses’ building. They are relatively simply installed. The roof of the wooden house should be suitable for the climate and should be durable to the wind and precipitation. Choosing the material of the roof for the wooden carcass house, the project architectural characteristics should be taken into an account -the roof slope, the time of the serving of the material and the financial side of the project.

  • Metal shingles. Used for the roof with 25-45 ° slope. The expiration date – 35 years;
  • Asbestos cement layer for painting is suitable up to 40 years, without extra processing up to 30 years. Used for the roof with 25-45 °;
  • Steel cover is used for roofs with 18-30 ° slope. The expiration date is up to 30 years.

The choice of the roof type depends on the attic room location. If it is planned, that an attic will be for living, then it is necessary to extra insulate and carefully choose the type.

The project of the private house “Kristens” // Roominess: 85,49 m2 / /Visualisation: northouse.lv

The process of the house building

The correct execution of the order ensures the accuracy of the work. This algorithm guarantees, that the house will be mounted, considering all the building requirements and it will be long lasting. First of all, the right place for the house should be chosen – with an optimal soil and a groundwater location place, taking into an account all the locations of the communications and the climatic characteristics of the soil. After this it is possible to make marking and choose proper foundations. Setting up a wooden frame in the basis, from the processed wood, on which is set up the wooden frame, are placed two crowns. Building metal frame, it is not necessary, because wooden carcass house has frame and outer wall construction. When mounting walls, there are formed also windows and doors. After this step comes insulation, if in the building process there weren’t use ready-made boards, which were inside cladding just covered with a gypsum sheet. When the wooden private carcass house carcass is already mounted, there are made inner walls, floor and ceiling, and built installations. Finally, there are built the roof and made inner and outer decoration.

Wooden carcass buildings are not only more popular and cheaper, but also more durable, functional and comfortable. Building costs of wooden houses are significantly lower because of the thermal insulation and thermal conductivity. A significant advantage is the fast building and put into exploitation, also materials, which are nature friendly, long lasting, makes comfort and coziness.

Fully finished wooden house from the inside and outside almost do not differs from the other type houses, because almost all the wooden details are hidden under the decoration. Wooden houses are popular because of their high thermal efficiency and low heat costs. Wooden carcass houses are built from the renewable materials, their building causes less pollution to the environment. Thanks to the rule of the dry building, wooden carcass house is possible to build in any time of the year – even in winter without waiting for the material drying out. It is possible to build the house in several weeks, depending on the project. It is preferable to build foundations until the frost will come, otherwise the frost can negatively influence foundations. For wooden carcass house it is possible in any time to make decoration works, decking for the roof cover, building of inner communications and exterior works. Wooden carcass houses are cheaper in comparison to block and brick houses. Wooden carcass house building costs with all the decoration and all the communications are 10 to 15% cheaper than a block house and 30 to 40% cheaper than a brick house. It must be admitted, that wooden carcass houses are easier in the exploitation. For example, for a brick house to achieve the same energy efficiency indicators as a wooden carcass house, its outer wall should be at least a meter thick.

Wooden carcass houses are ecological and nature friendly. Fully ready wooden carcass house is many time lighter than masonry house, so heavy foundations are not needed. Wooden carcass house is a natural, breathing living place, it building technologies correspond to Latvian climatic conditions and certain building requirements.

Wooden carcass houses are built from the renewable materials, their building causes less pollution to the environment. Wooden carcass houses are relatively cheaper, because house constructions are factory made, this fact saves money and time.

“North House” offers building of wooden carcass houses, starting from the first projecting sketches until the putting the house into an exploitation. You can see realized projects here. Want to have an individual wooden carcass house? Our team will help you to get the candy! Contact us, we will build the house together!