Production process of a wooden house


We invite you to gain a wider insight into the standard prefabricated wall, ceiling and roof structure panels made by the company “Northouse”, designed to fit the climatic conditions in Latvia.

Production process

The modern technologies used in the construction of timber frame houses allow providing fast execution of orders as well as protecting wood from the effects of moisture from the outside, regardless of weather conditions. Timber frame houses are made of natural materials and are relatively one of the cheapest building solutions. Building constructions – wall, ceiling and roof panels are filled with heat insulation material and are sheathed on both sides. If timber panels are technologically appropriately designed and assembled in accordance with the technology, the building has a low thermal conductivity.


This is provided by wood in combination with construction wool, properly fitted diffusion and vapor barrier, which is bonded to the joints with special tapes to provide leak-proof to the building. During the assembly process, between the panels, special sealing tapes are used, thus completely sealing all corners and joints.

20150610_1158411Production of panels

The production of timber-framed houses is carried out in a specially adapted and equipped factory where wooden panels are made. Each panel, in compliance with the project, is made according to precisely made preforms, providing high precision and quality.


Wood panels are filled with heat insulation materials. At this stage, electrical installation works are also carried out if they are foreseen in the project.

20150617_171413Covering panels

After insulation, wooden panels are sheathed with particle boards and other materials, depending on the specific project specification.