Prefabricated houses

For building a private house with economical costs without saving on the quality, a great solution is a prefabricated house or, so-called, wooden carcass panel house. Choosing advisedly building resolutions and technologies, the prefabricated house such like this is possible to build – durable, long-lasting, energy efficient and economical both in building and exploitation costs case.

Prefabricated house – possible to build in a really short time

The type of a prefabricated house, which differs from the modular house in case of that the repeat element is not a module for a whole, built-in space, but as separate panels – planes. Panels are produced in the factory, in accordance with the planned use (outer wall, an inner wall, cover, roof cover etc.), mounting necessary insulating and heating insulation material layers. In a factory there are produced materials, which are suitable in case of sizes, the wooden frame with built-in additional anchorages and assembly joints providing vertical, horizontal, and diagonal elasticity, thus ensuring the durability of the entire structure of the building. The wooden carcass in a prefabricated panel house is a bulkhead construction and is decorated with a veneer shield and cardboard. Inside the prefabricated house panel, there is heating insulating material, which at the same time provides both heating insulation and sound insulation. After the ready-made wooden carcass panels from the factory are transported to the construction site, where the prefabricated house has been mounted on the spot. In case of comparison – it is like lego cubes.

Rational and economical aspects provide the fact, that the prefabricated house has been produced from factory-made modules or, so-called, ready-made wooden panels. In a factory it has been produced, suitable for precise sizes, wooden carcass frame with built-in additional anchorages and fittings that provide vertical, horizontal and diagonal stability, thus ensuring the durability of the entire structure of the building. After ready-made wooden carcass panels from the factory are transported to the construction site, and their wooden carcass house has been mounted on the spot.

This technology lets us both reduce the costs of the labor and significantly fasten the process of the building, and that is the reason, why building costs reduce. Extra, building prefabricated house has a relatively minimum building consumption and a very small amount of building materials, which, of course, is a cost-reducing factor. In the prefabricated house building used materials reinforce and enhance each other’s functionality, which lets to work in

Panel house. Wide design abilities. // Architects: Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy//Foto:

any weather conditions and also thanks to the technology, during the building process it is possible do not use a heavy equipment.

One of the advantages of a prefabricated house is, that factory-made panels consist of a hermetic house construction, without a dust, humidity during the building process. In comparison to the modular house, where the interior of the module is really finished, in a panel house, it has to resolve inner and outer decorations, ventilation, heating, canalization etc. questions. That’s why you have to wait for a little by of moving into a new house.

In the case of the design, the prefabricated house has more variety than the modular home, allowing for wider panel combinations. In terms of house size, the panel house is not as restricted as a modular house. Prefabricated houses can even be distinguished from wooden carcass houses built on-site at the site, since they allow for the construction of several floors.

If the modular house is sufficient for concrete, brick or metal supports and screw base joints, then the traditional panel or base type bases will be better suited to the panel house.

If for a modular house it is enough of concrete, brick or metal ballast and screw base foundations, then for panel house better is a traditional board or slab-type foundations, which are lightweight structures, simpler foundations. The standard producing process provides qualitative construction units and avoiding from the coldness bridges. As far as in the producing and mounting process take apart professionals, and production is strictly controlled, it provides a perfect ultimate outcome. As far as time is money, then a very significant factor is, considering the purchase of a panel house, is assembly speed – it is possible to assemble panels in 3-5 days – lowering the fitting staff for fewer time results in lower costs.

Producing of a prefabricated house is fast – approx. two months. Connecting in a factory and mounting on the spot, because there is no “wet” works – concrete, alignment of connections and other works, which require waiting for the embroidery of wet materials.

For example, in the construction of brick-built houses this extension will lengthen the work. In addition, all materials used are certified and are not affected by the environmental conditions.

Thermal insulation is tested in advance, which provides excellent thermal insulation, despite the relatively slim wooden frame walls.Take a look at the panel house construction process!

Times vary and values change. Wooden framed prefabricated houses were previously perceived as a quick option for the construction of a temporary dwelling. At the moment, this image has changed, as prefabricated homes become fully-fledged private homes.
Prefabricated houses – mobility, comfort and compactness.

Take a look at how easy it is to build a panel house:

Although it seems that the wooden prefabricated house is not resistant to the effects of moisture, the main factor in quality assurance are technological solutions, their suitability and application will provide a sound and rigid construction.

Prefabricated houses – wooden carcass prefabricated house, which is characterized by durability, long-lasting, energy efficiency and economy. This house is fastly installed, work with the building is on the spot in a very short time. Panel house building can appear as very easy and by everybody hands built, but the mounting process has to be done with the help of specialists and certificated workers to prevent not appropriate handling perfectly manufactured materials at the factory.

For an example prefabricated house mounting process in eight minutes.