Ecological Wooden carcass house – low heating costs and healthy environment



Wood has been a favorite building material for a long time ago because its good characteristics and also because of ecological considerations, that’s why it is still widely used in the building process. If it is planned to build an ecological wooden carcass house (wooden carcass prefabricated house or panel house), a deeply kind suggestion – to use both innovative technologies and checked traditional knowledge in the building process because our predecessors had a wide experience in the building and insulating of wooden houses.

Human is a part of nature, probably, that’s why they feel more comfortable to live in a wooden house instead of the concrete block of flats house, which it is cold and sucking with a humidity. This is the reason, why does it be better to build a wooden house, which is ecologically clean, renewable, available and flexible material. Wooden house inner energetic will always emit coziness and warmth. Nowadays an ecological situation, especially in big cities, is not really favorable – the noise of the transport, the air pollution, hollowed stone walls, garbage containers and the environment, and this, in general, negatively affects human well-being. There comes a wish to live in a different, cleaner environment. Subconscious people connect a wooden with nature, warmth, and coziness, that’s why this is not a wonder, that people more and more choose to live in wooden houses. First of all, wooden houses are constructed of an ecologically pure material, which has taken fresh air, solar heat, and light, and is a natural hardened material. This material, if properly processed, is durable to rot and very durable to the heavy frost, and creates coolness, when it is hot. That’s why it is not a wonder, that wooden houses serve for a long time period. Second, the wood, while growing, takes into different, wonderful healing characteristics, which later gives to people. The wood cleanses the air from harmful microbes, relieves stress and irritability. So it is possible to say, that a wood is an arabesque air cleaner and air conditioner.

Air conditioner and air freshener.

If the purpose is to build an ecological wooden carcass house, then use ecological, natural materials. For example, wooden elements, which are processed with natural resources, for example, ecological linseed oil. Also widely used materials – glass, metal, natural insulation materials etc. An important aspect – if there are building an ecological wooden carcass house, the costs of the house are relatively low both in building costs and during the exploitation. Anyway, the wooden house does not exceed costs in comparison to other buildings’ building process and the exploitation.

The building of an ecological wooden carcass house – saves the environment from the pollution and saves resources


Building an ecological wooden carcass house is relatively not a huge spending of an energy and raw materials both during the building process and an exploiting process. If an eco-house is building, then natural systems and renewable natural resources are used usefully. Air and water pollution is decreasing, loss of the heat, amount of garbage and groundwater, which arises during the building process.

An important aspect – the microclimate of the wooden carcass house

Panel houses or so-called prefabricated, which are produced from the industrially finished wood panels, are very popular in Latvia now. And this technology provides for modular houses, prefabricated houses or so-called panel houses a very fast building, as well as costs of the houses, are relatively low. For modular houses, there are offered ready-made projects, as well as they are built by the individual project. The climate should be carefully examined if it is planned to build an eco house. It has to be taken into an account, what kind of climatic conditions are in the country or in the territory, where there are planned a building process of an eco-house (also panel houses, modular houses, and prefabricated houses), it influences the microclimate of the building too. For the eco house (even though, if it is a panel or so-called prefabricated house) are used details of an ecological wood. That’s why walls “breath”, and in the house, there is a healthy microclimate and comfortable feeling.

It is preferable to use natural insulating materials, for example, an eco wool, hardwood wool, but inside – wood fibreboards, when insulating an eco house. Wood, as all the ecological materials, absorbs the humidity and then, when the air inside the building becomes dry, gives the humidity back. Redundant humidity does not build up, thereby there is a good microclimate, what is important for human well-being and health.

Without a doubt, if you choose to build an ecological wooden carcass house, carefully choose materials, which you will use for inner decoration of the house, they should be, as much as possible, natural, for example, floor cover – instead of laminate, it is preferable to use wood. The wooden floor will be very delightful in the wooden carcass house.


Proper insulation – the saving of heating costs

For Latvian climatic conditions, an ecological wooden carcass house is an ideal resolution, because, if the house is properly insulated, the in winter you will have to spend minimum money for heating, and in other seasons you will don’t need the heating at all.

In houses like this, the heating is used very effectively by the house’s livers and household appliances. It is possible to use alternative heating methods in the wooden carcass house, for example, solar collectors. It is kinda mounted panels on the roof, which absorbs solar thermal energy. Properly built ecological wooden carcass house is almost hermetic, but at the same time, it must provide good ventilation.

It is possible to use wood fibreboards for wooden carcass building insulation inside. Wood fibreboards are fully ecological because they are produced from finely chopped waste wood – tines, tops.