Building and projecting of private houses

How does it happen? STEP BY STEP:


Planning of a home has to be considered in the thoughts, estimated with your family and other livers of this home. The best solution is to draw a sketch on the paper, to examine similar buildings or houses, each has the same characteristics, as you want to see in your house. You have to be ready to spend time and money for your future home, because it is clear, that the house is not possible to build in one day; a private house is an important element in people’s lives, that is why you have to take a right decision, before you start to build the house.

The next step is the meeting with an architect. We will discuss the main questions about the house – the project and the building process, we will work out Your house project sketch – plans of the building, facades, placing a plan, including Your needs, the situation of the land etc.

After that – maybe some weeks, it is preferable to spend your time for scrupulous thoughts about the house, estimating with the family and, probably, you will have some other ideas, dreams, needs, and changes. About those, we will connect electronically, include into the project and then send you changes.

SUBMISSION OF CONSTRUCTION MINIMUM COMPOSITION IN BUILDING “Minimum building design” is ready for the first submission to the responsible administrative building of the administrative territory of the building ordered. Before submission to the construction board, three project copies must be signed (one for the architect, one for the client, the third – for the construction board) and the “Construction application submission” (supplemented and signed by the designer and the owner) must be attached.


Getting from the building board accepted “Minimum building design” in two copies and the design conditions document issued by the building authority – “Building permit“, it is possible to think the last time about some changes in the project and then agree about the “Construction project in full terms”. Until this moment “Building permit” is not allowing to start the building process legally. The conditions and requirements for building a complete project must definitely be fulfilled.


The full building project is developing, including all the technical parts of the project. With this moment the creative part of the client is finished – you have to wait until the project will be ready (usually not more than 60 days) at the same time checking and finishing all the required documents (technical rules etc.) as it is required in “Building permit”.


The ready building project has to be signed by its authors and the client, and in three copies have to be submitted to the building board together with the “Building permit”.


The building project after matching submits two copies (the third is in building board’s archive), one copy is for the client, the other is for the designer, and the document of the “Building permit”, which is already fulfilled with a sign for the fulfillment of the design conditions, it is only necessary to fulfill the other requirements.

The client carries out all the building board requirements, which typically includes civil engineering insurance for new buildings, waste management contracts, etc., and one copy of the construction project together with the “Construction Permit” and submit the application to the building board in order to obtain permission to start construction work.

When getting the document from the building board about the building project “Building permit”together with the sign “permission for the building process” it is possible to start legally building works.


After the matching of the building permit, the authorization may be withdrawn until one (or two) years time (You can find out more about this in your city building board). If only the building process wasn’t planned for the next day after signing, then it is possible to start the building process in spring, summer, after half a year – each time it is needed. According to building procedure, received building permit is necessary to prolong each year or two years (depending on how long it has been issued, but usually issued in connection with the term of civil liability – if it is 2 years, then the building permit is valid for 2 years, after the expiration of the term it should be renewed again). Until the building is not ready and put into exploitation. All in all maximum date for the building process is 8 years.

What is the topographic measurement?

  • Topographic information – acquisition, preparation and processing of underground engineering networks, as well as coordination with engineering communications holders and the building board.

It is necessary in cases, when it is needed to carry out different building works, also developing detailed plans and land management projects.. Topographic information is on the printout flicks: : M 1:250,  M 1:500, M 1:1000. The measurement can be done only by geodesic certificated specialists.

What is the building project of minimum composition?

  • A building project of the minimum composition is necessary for graphics and texts, which shows the main idea of the building (the size of the structure, the location, the type of construction of the structure) and is a basis for the building permit. /

It concludes the location plan (general plan) on the topographic plan, plans of the building, facades, cut, explanatory description etc. pages, which are necessary for designing the volume of the project. Should be submitted to the building board in three copies with the sign of the designer and the client, and an application form.

What is the building project?

– a set of graphic and text documents necessary for the implementation of the construction plan. /

The building project is all the necessary parts of the building – plans, facades, cut, explanatory description, fire requirements etc. extra required papers (work organization project article, energy efficiency article, etc.), resolutions of building constructions, communications (water supply, electricity, canalization etc. networks) resolutions. The full project also has to be prepared in three copies and submitted to the building board together with the issued document “Building permit”.

What is the building permit?

— an administrative act with conditions for the realization of the construction idea in nature – for design and construction works – until the acceptance of the construction works. /

What is the general plan of the building project?

– on the basis of the topographical plan, the general plan of the territory to be developed in the building design with the location of structures, utility facilities, and utilities. /

How to know, does it is possible to build a house on the concrete territory?

On the internet, there are detailed plans for each Latvia county – on those you can see, what kind of buildings is planned to be there (i.e. low-rise residential building, or industrial building area, etc.). If it is an agricultural land, then without any additional complications it can be constructed by “agricultural structures” – barns, bogs, farm buildings, etc. For building a living house on this land, you have to transform it, similar is also with lands. Which are “forest lands”. The better way to resolve this question is to have a consultation with a building board official to know, does the concrete territory has a detailed plan, does there are any developed plans etc. If you have a wish by yourself, then one of the places, where you can get an information, is a map of developing of a territory, where you can find active detailed plans, local plans and also those parts of the land, where there just started a developing plan. In turn, Construction Information Systems E-services section Public information on construction processes includes information on the objectives of various construction projects, including the existing construction phase of the facility. There you can connect to geospatial information and find the piece of land you are interested in

What kind of processes should be done to put the house into a exploitation?

With a permission for the building process and the building process by itself is not enough. At the time, while building, is also necessary to do special measurements and cadastral surveys. For its procedure is given the same time, as for the building of the house – 8 years. After the building process is finished and receipt of the opinions of the institutions involved, it is possible to submit the letter to the building board about putting the building into exploitation. If everything is fine, then within 14 days they take a decision to put into exploitation the building.

Building and projecting of private houses

The decision to build the house is very important to each family. Since the start of projecting you will be involved into all the process, Your dreams will be taken into an account and you will receive the best resolutions.

Thanks to unique characteristics of this product, clients often are in worry and anxiety, that is why it is necessary to have a good adviser, who will answer all the questions and will help you in your choice. The building of a private house and design choosing often is based on several factors – aesthetic, financial and technical; often these points are possible to be in compromise.

The private house is a unique product because of two reasons:

  • House is one of the more expensive and one of the most important decisions in people’s life.
  • Each housing project by itself is unique.

When choosing the plan

The size of the house should be applicable to your needs, according to future plans also (i.e. babies). We offer you ready typical planned projects, which, if necessary, we can change; also we offer individual house plans.

5 points, when building a wooden frame house

Projecting and building of passive houses require extra paying attention to the details and needs to have a successful communication between involved parties in comparison to the traditional building.

This complicate house building process we can share into five big points:


  1. Dream and define. You have to visualize your dream house. Take a look at our projects and photos, note, which do you like, which not. Also, note the higher price you can pay and start to think about the building process.
  2. Find the land for your dream house. Buying the land, get an information about municipalities requirements. Also, a huge role in planning the budget of the house is for electricity, water supply, and canalization networks.
  3. Wooden frame house design and budget. It’s time to place your plans on the paper! At this point, an important thing is a cooperation with an architect. Remember: simplicity saves, complicity costs more.
  4. Rules, graphics, payments. Choose your designer and builder. It is important to control the budget and terms through the building process.
  5. Wooden panel house building, which shares five main points:
    • Choosing foundations
    • Wooden frame transport and mounting
    • SIP panels setting up
    • Mounting of windows and doors
    • Interior decoration

    Here you can see a video, how the wooden frame house is building:

The company “North House” offers an ecological wooden frame house building – living, private, summer houses, bathhouses etc. One of the advantages of the company is well-knowing technologies of building ecological wooden frame houses and an ability to offer an individual resolution for every client. We offer two ways of resolution: typical project and individual project wooden frame houses. Look, maybe here you will find the house of your dream and we will help you!