Building of a wooden carcass house – fast and relatively cheap

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If at the moment you are considering an ability to build a house for your family, then think about a wooden carcass private house building. This house has a wonderful insulation, it is natural and, thereby, the most favorable for the health. As well as this type of the house is relatively fast-built and it has low building and exploitation costs.

Wooden carcass house building – long-used and popular technology.

Every human wants to live further from the noise and naughty neighbors, closer to nature, that’s why sooner or later there is arising a wish to build your own house. Before you take a serious decision to build a wooden carcass house for your family, consider different variations of important aspects – what house foundation will be, what thermal insulation materials you will choose, how you will make communications, what kind of inner decoration will you choose, sound insulation etc.

Wood is one of the natural materials, which was used by people for building always. Wooden houses have been built for a long time ago in Scandinavian countries, Japan, the USA, and Canada. Earlier wooden houses were found in Germany, are approx. 800 years old. It proves, that by using a proper technology, it is possible to build a long lasting wooden house. Carcass technology in the building is used a long time ago. But relatively recently (last decades) this technology became popular in the building of private houses because it has special advantages.

The most practical, fast and comfortable resolution is a wooden carcass house, which is produced from the industrially produced wooden carcass systems, that’s why a house such like this is called also a modular house, prefabricated house or panel house. This technology lets to build a building very fast (approx. In three months) and construction is fast and precise, because much less is the use of human labor.

Very essential aspect in our climatic zone – it is possible to build a house in any season, any weather conditions. Building other types of houses – brick, block, concrete house etc., it happens, that, because of the weather conditions the building process stops for a long time.JPG1

Wooden carcass house foundations are not heavy, that’s why a building process of buildings like these is very popular in territories, where there are seismically active zones. It has to be taken into an account, that foundations of the wooden carcass houses should be preferable to build until the period, when comes frosty time. If the building process is during the frost, it can influence the quality of the foundations of the building.

The construction of the wooden house in case of the weight is relatively light, if it is compared with other types of buildings, for example, concrete houses, brick houses or blockhouses. Thanks to the light construction of the house, there’s no need to wait, until the house will “sit”, you can start to live in it already after its built.

Wooden carcass house is energy efficient, because the walls have high thermal insulation characteristics and low thermal conductivity of the enclosing structures, and by using modern, efficient thermal insulation materials, heating costs are lower. During the summer, in the wooden carcass house it is cool and in winter wooden walls emit warmth, so you feel comfortable. This type of house also has a good sound insulation, low building costs, because the carcass technology has affordable prices and easy mounting process.

It is possible to create the desired one architecture and decoration for the wooden carcass house

Wooden carcass building (prefabricated house, modular house or panel house) can be made in any design. Very beneficial resolution are ready-made projects. For example, a company “North Houses” offers approx. 30 ready-made private house projects – for any taste, needs families with bigger or smaller people amount. The company also offers ready-made projects of wooden carcass houses (with a small roominess), these houses will be suitable for a couple or for the one person.

Img 2A company “North Houses” offers the ability to build a wooden carcass private house, using an individual project, then a client can realize his own ideas, fantasies, and wishes.

If the wooden carcass house is building, it is possible to create inner decoration, according to client’s wishes. Wooden carcass house can look like a brick house or a house with a decorative rendering.

Easy to equip, demolish and remove

The wooden carcass building is relatively more conducive to the construction of engineering communications – retraction and concealment in the walls. For example, heating and water tubes are relatively easy to retract through the walls, not demolishing the outer view of the building. Important is that thanks to wooden carcass technology, it is possible to have an easy access to communications if needed and to make repairs. Also, thermal insulation is easy changeable without any problems. A significant advantage is that wooden carcass house relatively easy and cheap can be demolished and transported to the other place, where it is possible to mount it again.

We invite you to watch the construction process from foundations to insulated walls: